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+966 13 667 1547


+966 13 667 1547

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Tel: ​+966 13 667 1547, 
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‘Established in 1978, ​​​MAHDI HADI AMIR AND SONS CO. AL-AMIR TRADING & CONTRACTING CO. has been a stalwart in the industry, providing unwavering commitment and unparalleled expertise in contracting, trading, industrial services, equipment rental, construction, and maintenance. With over four decades of experience, we have evolved into a dynamic and reliable partner, trusted for delivering excellence across diverse projects and industries.’

Our management team

Welcome to ​​MAHDI  HADI AMIR AND SONS CO. AL-AMIR TRADING & CONTRACTING CO., where our commitment to excellence is driven by a management team that embodies enthusiasm, dynamism, and unparalleled industry expertise. At the core of our operations, we seamlessly integrate these qualities to deliver the highest value propositioned services and customized solutions for every project we undertake.

Our management team is the heartbeat of our organization, with a collective passion for innovation and a relentless pursuit of excellence in the sectors of Trading, Construction, and Maintenance. Each member brings a wealth of experience, ensuring that our clients receive the most comprehensive and forward-thinking solutions tailored to their unique needs.

In the realm of Trading, our seasoned professionals leverage their market insights and strategic acumen to provide unparalleled services, facilitating seamless transactions and fostering lasting partnerships. In Construction, our team's expertise transforms visions into reality, managing projects with precision and delivering structures that stand as testaments to our commitment to quality.

Maintenance is a cornerstone of our operations, where our proactive management team ensures the longevity and optimal performance of the assets we handle. Their hands-on approach and industry acumen guarantee that our clients' investments are protected and optimized for sustained success.

Enthusiasm fuels our approach, inspiring creativity and a proactive mindset that allows us to navigate challenges and explore new opportunities. The dynamism of our team ensures that we stay agile in a rapidly evolving industry, adapting to emerging trends and technologies to consistently exceed client expectations.

The repeated business orders from our valued clients are a testament to the trust and confidence they place in our management team. We take pride in being recognized as an innovative service provider, setting industry benchmarks and consistently raising the bar for excellence.

As we continue to evolve and shape the landscape of Trading, Construction, and Maintenance, ​​MAHDI HADI AMIR AND SONS CO. AL-AMIR TRADING & CONTRACTING CO. remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering unparalleled services under the expert guidance of our dynamic and passionate management team. Explore the possibilities with us and experience the difference that a dedicated and visionary team can make for your projects